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PhD students examined

  • Wenbin Wu - Price Discovery via Secondary Markets in Stable Coins An Agent-Based Approach (External Examiner, KCL, 2024)
  • Ross Phillips - The predictive power of social media within cryptocurrency markets (Internal Examiner, UCL, 2019)
  • Qasim Nasar-Ullah - High Performance Parallel Financial Derivatives Computation (Internal Examiner, UCL, 2014)
  • Ayub Hanif - Computational Intelligence Sequential Monte Carlos for recursive Bayesian Estimation (Internal Examiner, UCL, 2013)
  • Yasin Rosowsky - Spurious regions in financial space: pattern recognition for foreign exchange forecasting (Internal Examiner, UCL, 2013)
  • Gary Doctors - Towards patient-specific modelling of cerebral blood flow using lattice-Boltzmann methods (Internal Examiner, UCL, 2011)
  • Behzad Behzadan - MINES: Mutual Information Neuro-Evolutionary System (Internal examiner, UCL, 2010)
  • Andrew Cheadle - Soft Real-time Garbage Collection for Dynamic Dispatch Languages (Internal examiner, Imperial College London, 2010)
  • Sebastien Marion - Using Class-Level Static Properties and Data Mining to Predict Object Lifetimes (External examiner, University of Kent, 2009)
  • Trevor A. Graham - The expansion of mutant clones in tumorigenesis (Internal examiner, UCL, 2009)
  • Kun (Max) Jiang - MILCS: A Mutual Information based Learning Classifier System (Internal examiner, UCL, 2009)
  • Adrian Ramirez-Cabrera - An Extension of the Strong Typing Genetic Programming Model (External examiner, MPhil, University of Manchester, 2000)
  • Benoit Lanaspre - Static Analysis for Distributed Prograph (External examiner, University of Southampton, 1997)
  • Jin Yang - Co-ordination Based Structured Parallel Programming (Internal examiner, Imperial College London, 1997)
  • Patrick J. Wright - Optimised Redundant Cell Collection for Graph Reduction (Internal examiner, UCL, 1993)
  • David Lillie - Polymorphic Subtype Inference in Combinator Languages (Internal examiner, Imperial College London, 1992)
  • Guido K. Jouret - Exploiting Data-Parallelism in Functional Languages (Internal examiner, Imperial College London, 1991)