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Clack has over 30 years experience as a specialist consultant to blue-chip clients and mentor to start-up companies.

He regularly responds to invitations from external organisations to deliver research, private briefings, focused analysis, mentoring and industry events aimed at policymakers and stakeholders, and to chair and talk at both academic and industry conferences. [Learn more]

Example areas of expertise:

  • Adaptive non-linear factor models for automated stock selection
  • Automation of Legal Review
  • Capacity Exchanges
  • Computable contracts
  • Executable specification languages
  • Formal specification of oil reservoir model
  • Genetic Programming for stock picking
  • Securities Settlement Systems
  • Smart Contracts
  • Smart Contract Templates and the semantics of smart contracts
  • Smart legal close-out netting
  • Smart phone memory management
  • System architecture for banking payments systems
  • System Simulation and Algorithm Design
  • Systemic risk and regulatory data management

Selected organisations


Securities settlement systems. Review and challenge: system simulation and algorithm design. Advise on executable specification for algorithm simulation and testing on real data. Specialist consultant for payment systems (review and challenge of system architecture).

Amoco Exploration

Formal specification, oil reservoir model

Barclays Bank

Smart Contract Templates. Programming Languages

Charity Commission

System architecture design


Privacy aspects of wholesale payments. Privacy enhancements for Ethereum


Securities Settlement algorithms. Multilateral net settlement with automated lending.

Clifford Chance

Smart contracts


Detecting cyclic transaction dependencies during gross settlement.

D2 Legal Technology

Smart Legal Netting


Smart Contracts


Modelling market crashes


Smart Derivatives Contracts


System architecture review and challenge for Straight Through Payments.

London Stock Exchange

Analysing exchange technology performance

Morgan Stanley

Financial computing

Norton Rose Fulbright

Smart and Computable Contracts


Smart Contract Templates


Smart phone memory management

Thomson Reuters

Financial computing


Capacity Exchanges