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Christopher D. Clack 
Smart and computable contracts

Christopher D. Clack is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at UCL.  He is an expert on Blockchain technologies, Smart Contracts and Computable Contracts, especially in the finance sector where he has focused on smart derivatives contracts.  [Learn more]

He is joint Field Chief Editor of the open-access research journal Frontiers in Blockchain, leading an international editorial board of over 480 researchers across 44 countries and 7 specialist sections. [Learn more]

Clack's research in the area of computer automation of legal contracts focuses on how to be confident that the code is faithful to the contract.    This includes understanding and formalising the meaning of legal contracts, investigating new languages for expressing contracts, and exploring methodologies and architectures to support the translation from contract to code. 
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He has founded a series of highly successful initiatives at UCL and elsewhere to bring about change to the way in which academia interacts between disciplines and with industry. [Learn more]

He also advises industry, institutions, professions, trade associations and startup companies. [Learn more]