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Virtual Trading Floor

The Virtual Trading Floor (2007)

Founded in partnership with Reuters, and with sponsorship from Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

The Virtual Trading Floor is Europe's largest IT educational trading floor, established to support the new MSc in Financial Computing and also to support Financial Computing research. It comprises 30 "trader-spec" PCs each with dual screens, Reuters software and real-time streaming data-feeds from the world’s financial exchanges. 

National and international recognition:

The new laboratory has attracted repeated interest from the press (e.g. The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, various industry magazines) and broadcast media (e.g. BBC News, BBC Radio 5) - mostly in the UK but also overseas (we have, for example, been visited by a camera crew from an Austrian television production company).

Follow this link for the UCL news item [1] and the following links for UCL in the News: [2] [3]. Awards Winner: UCL Enterprise Partner of the Year Award [2008]